Data Policies and Procedures

Data Policies and Guidelines

Program Data Policies and Guidelines

Current AEFLA Intake Form: This form is a model and contains all information that must be collected for NRS reporting.  Programs may modify the form or create their own but must include all of the required information.

Monthly Data Reporting Form

Please complete this form by the first of every month.

Data Dashboards

AEFLA performance dasboard key.docx


LACES Information: LACES is the online student data management software used by NM adult education programs. LACES is powerful and its use can sometimes be complex; training and guidance are necessary for all new users. If you need training, please contact the state office. For Technical Support, do not hesitate to email or call 1-888-714-9464. You may also use the technical support link found within LACES itself. If you would like the New Mexico Beginner LACES User Manual sent to you, please contact the State Data Administrator. 


National Reporting System (NRS): The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is an outcome-based reporting system for the State-administered, federally funded adult education program.

Contact Person: Dr. Katya Backhaus, State High School Equivalency & Data Administrator


Phone: (505) 660 -8824