Funding Opportunities

Continuation Form for 2022-2023 for Current Grant (2021-2025)

For currently funded AEFLA programs, the PROVISIONAL Continuation Grant for 2022-2023 is available here.

Funding Formula for AEFLA Funded Programs (Current Grant 2021-2025)

The NMHED Adult Education Funding Formula was implemented prior to FY 15. The intent of it was to provide a dependable amount of core funding based on headcount and local need, and also to reward programs based on the following performance measures:

Core funding and performance funding comprise the total funding for programs. The core is 75% of the total funding. There is a base amount ($35K) deducted from the core which all programs receive. After that deduction, need comprises 5% of the core funding and headcount is 95% of the core. 

Performance is 25% of total funding. This means that programs that perform better would generate a higher amount of the allocation or state and federal funding in the next funding cycle. The "harm-gain" limit is currently set at 8%, meaning that a program cannot receive more or less than 8% of what they received in the previous funding cycle. This is meant to protect programs from large fluctuations in funding, but it also means that programs see less bumps in funding for performance than they would with a less stringent harm-gain limit. 

In fall/winter 2021, our field will be engaged in a process of review and revision of the adult education funding formula. For more information, email

Contact Person: Amber Gallup, Adult Education Division Director
Phone: (505) 231-7490