Adult Education Day was a wonderful success!  Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Roundhouse on Wednesday. We had excellent turnout, clearly displayed with our bright yellow NMAEA t-shirts. The Governor herself attended and spoke passionately about both higher education AND adult education, and several legislators did as well. Jamie Trujillo and I had the honor of spotlighting our programs, your amazing accomplishments, and our impressive students of the year!  See the picture below! 

Marisela Ortega, a student ambassador, is featured on CNM's website.  Click here to read her story.

Advocacy involves promoting the interests of a person or group of people.  An advocate is anyone who supports, recommends, or argues for a cause; this may include advocating for a specific policy or course of action.   Effective advocacy requires strategic preparation, mobilization, coordination, amplification, and importantly:  helping people find their voice.    Knowing your audience, being clear on your 'asks,' and balancing the presentation of information with human-centered storytelling are all critical aspects of effective advocacy efforts.  Like anything else, strong advocacy skills are built over time.

New Mexico needs a strong group of adult education and literacy advocates to help us raise awareness and advance support for our important work.   That means we need you!  Students, parents, teachers, administrators -- all have valuable perspectives and experiences to share, and each voice helps strengthen the others.  Everyone in the field is an advocate on some level, but some of you might choose to take it to the next level and actively work to champion the adult education and literacy cause.  

We invite you to explore the resources below to help get you started.  The New Mexico Adult Education Association (NMAEA) has an advocacy committee you can join to help build your skills and take further action.  Getting involved will help you connect with your colleagues and grow as a professional, while you are contributing to the important work of supporting adult education.  Win win!

Please contact NMAEA President Jamie Trujillo for more information about the advocacy committee and how you can get involved:

Contact Person: Jamie Trujillo
Phone/Text: (505) 228-9168 

State Resources

Adult Literacy One Pager August 2023.pdf
Adult Literacy One Pager August 2023 - Page 2.pdf
Adult Education Fact Sheet FY24_FINAL.pdf
Adult Education Fact Sheet FY24_FINAL page 2.pdf
NM Voices Budget-guide-2021-update-web.pdf
Citizen's Guide to Leg. Advocacy in NM.pdf

National Resources