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Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

Google Workspace for Education provides all Google tools and more storage space than a regular Google account.  The NM Adult Education Google Workspace is provided with the domain  

One of the greatest advantages is access to all of the tools available in Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a learning management system that integrates Google tools as well as other tools to create, distribute, and collect assignments.  The Teaching and Learning Upgrade for instructors adds functionality to Google tools, especially Google Meet and Google Classroom.  Click here to learn more about this upgrade.

Another great advantage of Google Workspace is the ability to manage Chromebooks through the Admin app.  This has been helpful for programs that want to check out equipment to students.  The management system allows the Chome Management Administrator in the program to disable a device that has gone missing.  It cannot be used by anyone until it is reactivated.  This has ensured the return of many Chromebooks.  Contact the professional development coordinator for more information about managing Chromebooks.

Request an account at Request an NMDELT Account.  If you would like to embed this form on your own website, please contact the professional development coordinator.

Tips for Requesting NMDELT Accounts

Who Completes the Form: Students and instructors should complete the form for themselves with support if necessary.  Filling out an online form is a digital skill that adult education students should acquire if they don't already have this skill.  Students are also less likely to misspell their own names than having someone else enter the information.

Current Email Address: Most students, especially if they have cell phones, have an email address that they are currently using.  Entering a current email address helps the student if they need to reset their password.  It also helps to identify a student if two students have requested the same username.  DO NOT use your NMDELT email as the student's current email.  This really confuses the system and the student can get your notifications and you can get theirs.  If the student does not have a current email address, that field should be left blank.

Creating a Username: Avoid using common username patterns.  First initial, last name worked early on with the NMDELT domain but there are now close to 10,000 users and a lot of duplicate users with that pattern.  A best practice is to use their current email username so they can remember it and it is likely to be unique.  There have been very few instances when that username just wasn't appropriate for a school/professional account.  Usernames can be looked up using the Directory in Google Contacts when logged in with an NMDELT account.

Account Creation: NMDELT accounts are created at least once every workday and usually twice, once in the early morning and another time mid-afternoon.  To check if an account has been created, use the Directory in Google Contacts when logged in with an NMDELT account.  Others use Groups or attempt to send an email with their NMDELT account to see if an account has been created.  Students are not contacted when their accounts are created.  The password is provided to the instructor who must give it to the student and assist the student with logging into their account.  

Account Deletions: If an account is created and the user does not sign in within six months, the account will be deleted.  If this happens, the user can request another account.  Accounts that have not been used for 4 years or more are also subject to automatic deletion.  Accounts may also be deleted upon request of the user or the supervisor/director.  Deleted accounts can be recovered within 90 days of deletion.

NOTE FOR INSTRUCTOR/STAFF ACCOUNTS:  Access to NMDELT accounts is a benefit due to employment or volunteering in an adult education or adult literacy program.  If affiliation with a program ends, the NMDELT account will be suspended or deleted.   Supervisors should make sure the departing employee/volunteer is not the owner of any program documents before the account is deleted.  Please contact us for assistance if necessary.  No employee/volunteer accounts will be deleted without notifying the program director.   

For urgent needs, the fastest way to reach Tina Hite, Professional Development Coordinator, is through Google Chat.  Chat messages can be accessed through NMDELT Gmail on the computer or mobile app.  Send a Chat message to and it will be answered as soon as possible including evenings and weekends.  Text messages are also received at 505-916-1282 and will be responded to quickly.  Email is typically not checked evenings or weekends.

Chromebook Management

Chromebooks run on the Google Chrome operating system and can be managed with Google Management licenses through Google Workplace.  If the program does not have its own Google Workspace, the Workspace can be used and is supported.   Please contact the person listed below for more information.

Contact: Tina Hite, Propel Director
Phone:  505-916-1252